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Volunteer Charter

“The voluntary act is a freely consented commitment”

Given the large number of volunteers in our association (more than 60 people), we are obliged to respect certain rules.


Most volunteers are there weekly. Others are there less often, depending on their availability and priorities. But every hour of volunteering is precious and we thank you all for your dedication to our association.

If you are present at least 10 hours per month, you benefit from the following benefits:

  1. You do not pay an annual fee.

  2. A day of relaxation and an annual meal are offered to you.

  3. Items (max. 5) can be taken as desired for a maximum duration of one week.

  4. 100 pink labels (50 if you are only present 5 hours per month) are offered each year and for which you receive 100% of the proceeds from your sales.

  5. For additional green labels (reasonable number), a 30% deduction is made on sales.

  6. You also benefit from a 20% discount on donations.

All these benefits will be obtained after 2 full months of volunteering.


For the proper functioning of the Locker Room, we ask you:

  • To ensure regular presence. There is a calendar at the checkout to note your foreseeable absences. If you are unable to attend, please notify the representative.

  • To properly store all items in our store, to monitor customers.

  • To respect customers and your colleagues.

  • To take the initiative to discreetly hand over dirty, damaged and defective items for taxation.


Also read the “Cloakroom Agenda” which provides you with information on all our activities as well as the posters announcing the General Assembly, special closings and other information.


“Playing the game” avoids many misunderstandings… Thank you all!


We are happy to be able to count on each of you to ensure that our “Boutique à la Bonne Occase” works well…



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